• Question: What athletes have you helped and have any of them gone on to win any gold medals?

    Asked by Ronald McDonald to Ali on 13 Jun 2018. This question was also asked by 293fddn46.
    • Photo: Ali Hill

      Ali Hill answered on 13 Jun 2018:

      Good question Greg Paul! This is where it gets a bit difficult. I don’t want to give the names of athletes I’ve worked with without their permission, as people like their privacy. But without naming people yes, they have gone on to win gold medals. I’m working with Aaron Phipps (GB wheelchair rugby) at the moment (I did ask him if he’d mind me naming him and he’s ok with it). He was in the London 2012 team and we’re trying to get him to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. As for whether he’ll win gold, I hope so, but you’ll need to ask me again in 2 years! 🙂