• Question: what dose the new jean do?

    Asked by anon-176564 to Ali, Jenny, Mark, Simran on 21 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Ali Hill

      Ali Hill answered on 21 Jun 2018:

      Do you mean the new gene Mark found?

    • Photo: Mark Kirkwood

      Mark Kirkwood answered on 22 Jun 2018:

      Thanks for the question!

      The one I discovered made an enzyme (a protein that does something) which helped convert dimethylsulfoniopropionate into dimethylsulfide.

      And because you probably don’t know what that is, dimethylsulfide, or DMS, is one of the gases that gives the seaside it’s seaside-y smell!

      Next time you’re at the beach, sniff around for that tangy seaweedy smell, and it’s probably DMS!