• Question: What is the best experiment you have ever done?

    Asked by anon-176543 to Jenny, Ali, Mark, Simran on 21 Jun 2018. This question was also asked by anon-176570.
    • Photo: Mark Kirkwood

      Mark Kirkwood answered on 21 Jun 2018:

      Hi Raceboy and CooooollllllAlex!

      Probably some of the best experiments I’ve done, are looking at how all the genes in bacteria change when they are stressed out.
      We have used things called microarrays to look at how they grow differently and express (turn on) different genes (bits of DNA that make things) in different environments.

      It’s really interesting seeing all the data come back, and the microarrays have so much information in them, on one tiny little slide!

    • Photo: Ali Hill

      Ali Hill answered on 21 Jun 2018:

      Ooh. Tough one!

      My favourite ones are when I get to test professional athletes. I’m always amazed how far they can push themselves and the way they kind of get in a zone when they’re being tested. They’re just so committed to what you’re doing. It’s awesome!